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Can you send a request to multiple contacts?

To send a request to multiple contacts, activate the option in the “configuration” step of the campaign setup.

Yes, you can send a same request to multiple contacts.

How to set up "multiple contributors" in your campaign?

To send a request to multiple contacts, activate the option in the “configuration” step of the campaign setup.

Go to “advanced settings” and click on “The request can have multiple contributors”.

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In the options of this feature, you will see two parameters:

  1. Emails: personalize the email that will be sent to new contributors of the request when they are added after the creation of the request. If they are added to the request when it is created, they will receive the same communication as the main contact.
  1. CC emails: if you select this option, the main contact and contributors will receive the exact same email. The main contact will be the recipient and the contributors will be CCed. By selecting this option, all your contacts will receive the exact same link and you won’t be able to know who has done what on the portal.
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How to invite contributors to your request?

In a new request

To begin, click on the "Send a request" button located at the top of the menu.

Next, select the campaign you wish to use (make sure that "multiple contributors" has been checked, as described above).

Finally, add contacts to the "recipients" block.

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To add contributors to this request, click on the recipient's name and look for the "contributors" line.

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In an existing request

When you are in the detail of a request, you should see a “+ add” next to the main contact. Use this link, to add an existing contact or invite a new one.

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Using the API

You can also add a contributor using this method of our api.

How to remove a contributor to a request?

When viewing the details of a request, you can see the list of contributors. Click on the contributor that you want to remove to view their contact details. In the bottom right corner of their card, click the icon to remove the contact from the request.

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